Shipping & Processing

*Before Tax. Within Canada. Discount will automatically be applied at checkout.
So, you place an order — we stop drinking our coffee and get down to work — within 5-10 business days that order is print, packed, shipped and should be on your door step (within Canada). For orders outside of Canada (US) it should arrive within 5-12 business days from date of order, and 5-20 business days internationally.
Please note that orders may take up to a maximum of 6 business days to be shipped out, but then arrive in 1-4. Sometimes these time periods can change dependent on holidays and unpredictable volume in orders. We do our absolute best to get your order out as soon as possible and strive to improve the speed of this constantly.
We use a carefully crafted print-to-order processing model which means that just about everything is made at the time of your order — with love.
So if your order is delayed a few days, just know it's because we might have made that shirt 7 times already. Sometimes the first, or second, or third, or fourth (you get the point) print doesn't match the quality we hold upon ourselves and supportive customers. We're pretty big on getting it right the first time. Hence why we have a 3 stage quality check process where 3 different people pull the product aside to individually inspect the order.

If that's not enough information to provide some insight on how long your order will take to process, to be shipped, why it might be delayed, where it's coming from or what colour underwear we have on — then send us an email at "" and we'll gladly continue this conversation further. Also, we would like to apologize in advance if your order has been delayed...although it happens, it doesn't happen often and it's certainly not our intention to drag out the process. We have every intent on getting you your order to you as fast as possible.