Our orders are processed within 1-2 business days after your order has been placed, up to a maximum of 4 dependent on holidays. Custom items are processed within 1-4 business days after your order has been placed, up to a maximum of 7. Your order will arrive within 5-10 business days after we have completed it. A tracking number WILL be provided once the order has been fulfilled.

Why is my order taking so long? We try our best to process orders the day you place them however, some orders may take longer than expected due to print-issues. If we aren't satisfied with the print (as we print per order, not in bulk) then we'll scrap the garment and try again..sometime's it just needs a single re-print, sometimes we go through 5 different shirts before it comes out right. Dependent on the product and how many we have left in stock, this can definitely cause delays.

We are based in London, ON where we run the majority of our operations out of. Started by 2 young individuals who have a passion for design, engaging directly with consumers (establishing our own in-house marketing) and filling a void of exceptional experience you get when purchasing a product, this brand is our outlet. From a young age, both of us were raised with big hearts and open arms which we try to relay into the business. Also, we are insanely patriotic and love everything about Canada - hence the name.

After university, one of us fled the coup and headed down to the states for a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity. While still pursuing that position, a colleagues family member whom owns a warehouse and distribution centre for corporate companies got in touch with us and after various dinners (yes, drinks too) which probably could have been done in a single dinner (I think we just kept doing it because it was fun), we were offered a small space to rent, the use of equipment, and a list of wholesale manufacturers to order our garments from. We established the brand and haven't looked back since.

Wondering why your item was shipped from the states? That's why. Yes, it's tough being an all-Canadian brand when we print and ship our orders just south of the border but it's a balance of pros and cons. Not having hundreds of thousands of dollars in start-up capital prevents us from just opening a warehouse and getting the equipment needed here in London or anywhere else we might desire. That being said, thanks to NAFTA (which allows apparel shipments from the US to CAN without duty fee's) we don't have to charge an arm and a leg for shipping costs. 

Currently we're working on getting a space in southern Ontario for early 2019 with a couple of contracts in negotiations since the start of September 2018 however, with that comes a higher cost in fee's ranging from rent to equipment; which we are totally okay with but also, a much higher cost in shipping fee's with the exact same turn around time. Right now, we can get 1-2 shirts shipped out for $4-6 whereas shipping domestically in Canada, we would be looking at about $15 for a single shirt. Who wants to pay that? Next to no one. Regardless, it is something we will build around and we are extremely confident that heading into 2019 both our distribution process and remaining operations will ALL be in Ontario which allow us for further expansion both internally (staff and operations) and a larger product inventory.