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Our Story

A Brand That's Unapologetically Canadian.

We've got a few rules in this neck of the woods.

  • All of our products are printed, packed, and shipped within Canada.
  • We equally make fun of everyone. Leafs fan? Sorry to say that this year *also* isn't your year. Love our PM? That's cool. Despise our PM? That's cool too. We're not here to advocate for any political party, a minority, a law, or anything that falls between (or outside) that realm.
  • Stop being sensitive. We love and welcome each Canadian, current and new. Which is why we poke fun at each Canadian — including ourselves.
  • Please don't air out your problems (usually political) on our posts, the government doesn't read our comments. You can submit a complaint here.
  • Like the post? Perfect. Share it or tag someone that'll enjoy it too! Don't like the post? Awesome. Keep er' scrolling. We're confident we'll post something you'll love.
  • We're passionate. We ******* love Canada. We wear our hearts on our sleeves — at least until we rip them off.
  • Enjoy yourself, have a good time, email us if you ever have an issue, and welcome to the EH team. 


Let's dive in.

When CAF was first built in the spring of 2018, the goal was to be a completely over-the-top patriotic brand.

Yes, Canadians are humble individuals but we're incredibly proud of our history, our people, our achievements, our syrup, (the list goes on), but we just didn't feel like there was a brand we could find or relate to in which emulated that emotion.

You know the emotion, right?

When the national anthem comes on and you get chills.

You hate waking up early but set your alarm for 3am when the World Juniors start.

Yeah. That one.

So we built Canadian As Fuck, also known as Canadian "EH" F.

The intent was to curate relatable, humorous content in combination with products that translated our shared patriotism into a tee, or sweater.

What started with the Canadian Drinking Team and it's success, has become a wide range of Canadian products.

Our goal is to maintain quality at a much more affordable price and curate an abundance of products based around the pride we carry up here in the Great White North.

All products will revolve around that patriotic connection or emotion to being a Canadian, but that doesn't necessarily mean everything will be an obnoxious item, either. There are parts and pieces to Canada which fall under this "subtle patriotism" category if you will, which we anticipate on creating and sharing.

So now that we've told you just about everything about us except what colour underwear we've got on, why not tell us a little bit about you.

What makes YOU Canadian?

Canadian Owned & Operated

From start to finish, out our doors and into yours.

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