Our Story

We’ve got a lot goin' for us up here in Canada; The best hockey players, the best coffee chains, the best health care, the best folks, the best brews, and the list goes on — but you already knew that.

One thing we didn’t have is an over-the-top Canadian-centric brand. One that's unapologetic-ally Canadian.

No, not just another "woohoo I love Canada" type of brand, but one that captivates what it genuinely means to be Canadian, and not just capture that experience and emotion, but to creatively and stylistically paint that picture on a comfy ass shirt that you’ll wear 8 out of 7 days a week.

It doesn't matter if you were born from a maple syrup bottle or if you moved here and shaped into a beaver — we all know that feeling of being Canadian.

Those chills when you hear the national anthem, completely overusing "sorry", constantly talking about the weather for no reason, the list goes on. But being Canadian just isn't something words could even begin to describe and that's why you're here.

Welcome to Canadian AF. Canada’s premier lifestyle and apparel brand that's Canadian as it gets. Canadian as F***, actually. From lifestyle product lines to everyday Canadian content, we strive to create an experience in every product we make and photo we post — each one of them different from the last.

What is the name Canadian AF? An acronym for As F*ck, if you haven't picked that up already. Why "EH F" then? Two reasons, one, go ahead and say "EH" and "A". No difference. The former is a staple in our everyday language anddddd the second reason is because every social media handle for "AF" was taken.

We might be kind and we might be sorry, but we aren't sorry for being so damn proud of this country.

Now Canada really does have it all.

This is a lifestyle and apparel brand made IN CANADA, BY CANADIANS, FOR CANADIANS.

Welcome to the EH team. Now let’s grab a double-double and pretend the leafs will win the cup this year.

"The Maple-Syrup drinking, Igloo living, Polar Bear riding, Poutine eating Canadians."

Missed Us?

Sorry we went away for a little while. We just couldn't stomach being a Canadian brand without our products being made in Canada. We threw away our early momentum and growth to ensure brand longevity. It took some time (11 months to be exact), a lot of patience, and some hefty cha-ching. It was worth it.

We now operate solely out of Ontario — from making our morning coffee, to smashing buttons on social media, to threading the needle on every product — in Toronto and London.

Built To Last Canadian Winters

With our wild seasons in mind, we went with fabrics that can easily endure the frigid winters and steamy summers.

You're gonna want to wear this stuff 365 days straight so quality was a priority. That's why we offer a 6 month money back guarantee, not the industries generic 30 days.

Quality is quite a simple process, either you make durable products or you don't — and that'll show.