Our Story

Listen, we’ve got a lot going for us here in Canada; The best hockey players, the best coffee chains, the best health care, the best folks, the best brews, and the list goes on, but you already knew that.

One thing we don’t have, though, is our own Canadian-centric apparel company. A company that captures what it means to be Canadian and paints that picture on a comfy ass tee, slick tank, hat, or hoodie that you’ll wear on the daily.

Sh*t eh, spoke too soon, we do have that. Welcome to Canadian EH F - Canada’s premier apparel line that is Canadian as F***. From lifestyle product lines to everyday Canadian accessories and wearable gear that portray every experience that takes place up here in the North. Now Canada really does have it all.

Apparel made IN CANADA, BY CANADIANS, FOR CANADIANS (but sold world wide in case you’re a snow bird, don’t worry). Check out our gear, sauce on some merch, and you’ll finally be Canadian as F***.

Welcome to the family, eh!