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180 Day Money Back Guarantee

Products are built to be loved and purchased with a promise. A promise, that by exchanging your hard earned money for something you love (a product) should result in quality, durability, and a long lasting desire to continue to use.

With the prices we charge, the materials we use, and the Canadians assembling them — we built a 6 month(yes, 180 days) money back guarantee. That’s 6x longer than an average apparel brand.

Here’s how it works (and no, there’s no fancy legal documentation here to confuse you so that you’re guaranteed one thing but get screwed over in the end):

  • It’s suggested that a t-shirt lasts 5 years or longer, if cared for properly (turn inside out and wash on cold water, then hang dry. PLEASE FOLLOW THIS IF YOU WANT ANY OF YOUR GARMENTS TO LAST - not just ours). Well, we stand behind our products so much that even though you’ll be wearing our gear for 365 days straight, they still won’t crack. These products were built to last. They’re made in Canada...where 4 seasons can happen on any given YEAH, we made sure they’re durable for the beauties wearing them. If for whatever reason graphics start fading/peeling (alike) or threads are hanging/constantly being removed, shoot as an email at and we’ll get you a replacement, a new product, or simply reimburse your initial purchase. This does NOT include the interior tag. Why? Interior tags aren’t necessarily built to last. With constant washes, rubbing against your body and a good ol’ mixture of sweat — they’re bound to fade.

  • What about general returns/exchanges? Glad you asked. We give you 6 months to change your mind, although we’re pretty confident you’ll love it from day 1. This means that as long as you haven’t worn, washed or altered one of our Canadian crafted products within 180 days and decided you no longer want it — we’ll completely reimburse you and pay for your shipping back to us. 

  • Why do other companies only offer 30 days? Look, we totally get this. Things can go south in 30 days with a product (especially apparel) and some people take advantage of returns/play the system so it’s to ensure protection for everyone. That being said, the majority of people in this world (especially Canada) are genuinely good people that are understanding. We all get it, sh*t happens and the odd product has a manufacturing defect. All you want after a defect is to get the product you paid good money in better condition so you can continue to wear it...especially if that defect happens in a short period of time, when like we said, should last more than 5 years if you’re properly caring for your clothes. That’s our take on things why do other apparel companies only offer 30 days? We’ll let you ask them that while we sip our tea.

PS - If you ever find another clothing company that offers a full year warranty on their products, let us know — we’d love to buy a lottery ticket and have a beer with them.

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